Getting Kids To Eat Veggies

HEALTH | | May 25, 2009 at 8:38 pm


It is no secret that many parents (including me) rely on  fast food, processed snack foods, and sugary drinks to bribe children. Easy access to drive-thru (read my post on drive-thrus making to the top 5 in parenting wish list) and low cost makes this high calorie and low nutritional food a better alternative for many. As a result obesity and many other health issues are on the rise among children. Of course, it takes an effort for parents to get fruits, vegetables, and whole grains from the grocery stores, then cook and feed the children. On top of that it is hard to convince kids to give up junk food for  healthy veggies and fruits.

Celebrity Chef Art Smith and “Love Your Veggies” campaign team up to help parents in keeping their kids healthy by showing ways to make eating vegetables more enjoyable. Art shows  ways to add texture, flavor, and color to make the veggies more appealing to you and your kids. He further recommends involving kids in shopping and cooking their favorite veggies and fruits. Maybe he can teach me a thing or two to curb my fast food fetish.

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  1. 1
    Ramesh says:

    As I was driving to work this morning I heard similar ideas on NPR from Nigella Lawson. She talked about involving children in preparing meals. Every time I cook something I ask my little ones to help, either setting the time on microwave or picking herb leaves.

  2. 2
    Katharina says:

    I’ve been trying real hard lately to serve more veggies on my table. We’ll see how long it takes everyone to notice what I’m doing. :-)

    I like recipes that incorporate veggies right into the entree… sure makes it easier for the moms!

  3. 3
    hallie p says:

    You know, Morningstar veggie burgers are a great one to sneek veggies!

  4. 4
    Betty N says:

    My daughter in law puts veggies in everything! Today I even put zuccini in my meatballs (it was in the recipe!). I think new creative recipes that really taste good AND are really healthful are “out there”.

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