Friday 5: The 5 Girlfriends Mommies Keep!

FRIDAY 5 | | May 22, 2009 at 7:49 pm


This Friday one of my best friends is over for the Memorial Weekend. I am so thrilled that she trudged all the way from Seattle to Boston to spend time with us. Her being here got me thinking about friends and friendships, more specifically the types of friendships we have.  I love spending time with her so I am a bit late in the day with today’s post but I love my readers too so I am taking time from the weekend to write this post.

  1. The Practical One. Yup, the one who would tell you that you are making an idiot of yourself or being ridiculous in your expectations… in private and in a nice way (if she does it in public cut the friendship).
  2. The Up-Beat One. You know who I mean, the one who always sees the silver lining even on the darkest day. When things are really frustrating her smiling face may make you want to strangle her but at times you need someone to help feel the energy again.
  3. The Brilliant One. Yes, having one that has her ducks all in a row (or at least seems that way) makes you want to aspire to reach some sense of reasonable living. At the very least you hope some of her tips and tricks may rub off on you.
  4. The “Yes” One. Sometimes, even when you are wrong, you just need someone to nod in sympathy and say ” Yes, how could they do that to you?” .  Sometimes when I whine (I mean explain) my frustration about a situation with hubby he tries to rationalize it and figure a solution (which needless to say drives me crazy). It is at that moment that I just need a friendly ear and a nodding head.
  5. The Fan. Come on admit it we love having friends who clearly adore us. When a friend in awe of us often asks for advice it does give a tingly feeling. We kind of need to feel that at times that we are extra special.

If you can find a friend who knows how to turn into any of these types as the need arises then treasure the gem and if not then just keep a lot of friends. What type of friend do you love?

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