Friday 5: 5 Top Tips To Being A Good Party Guest

FRIDAY 5 | | May 29, 2009 at 8:06 pm


As part of the Friday 5 series Mommy Niri continues this week with fresh thoughts her impending daughters’ (yes both of them) birthday festivities the next day. Not sure how to deal with the huge bash but fugured taking some time to write this blog post will prevent me from thinking of ever-growing to-do list.

  1. RSVP. Come on, most of the time you know whether you will be there or not. At least keep the host posted on changes and please use the “Maybe” only if you have to and get off that list as soon as you can.
  2. Be on time. As parents getting out the door is no easy feat, so a little bandwidth is acceptable. Getting really late? Call to let the host know.  It shows respect to the host to get there on time and impacts food and activities.
  3. They are your kids, take care of them yourself. As a host I always try to make sure that the party area is safe and there is adequate food and games/toys for all, but beyond that I really don’t want to play babysitter. If you want to chat with your buddies just keep an eye on your kiddos, it should be easier for moms who we know have eyes behind their heads.
  4. Clean up after your kid. No, I don’t expect you to scrub my floors (though if you really wanted I won’t object) but I hope that if your kid drops their juice all over my (already)  stained carpet, please at least try to curb the damage.
  5. Go home! I love having friends over but we all know that planning a party is a lot of work, so after an exhausting day I just need to relax. Heck it is the only time I make big attempts to clear the home. After spending all my energy trying to make everyone feel at home, I really do want you to go home.

What are your party poopers?

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    hoda says:

    Luna,I’m so happy you’re back to blogging! Mama is so busy with work this week. We loved this post! You look so cute in these piuercts with your sister and brother in London! It looks like it was warm there.Again, thanks for all your visits. You and your mommy are so sweet, and we’re so glad you’re all back safe and sound.

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