Friday 5: 5 Things I Appreciate Now That I Am A Mom!

FRIDAY 5, PARENTING | | May 15, 2009 at 8:44 pm


The Mommy Niri Friday 5 Series, continues this Friday and yes I am late again but officially it is still Friday so no rules broken (yet). This Friday I wanted to take special note of many things that have been around for a while but have only garnered attention since I became a mom. Forgive the picture reuse, as my camera decided to crash on Mother’s Day! So here goes.

1.      The Drive-Thru, Firstly my biggest beef with it before was I hated the spelling. I know I am a spelling snob and my nieces tried to convince me of words being shortened as the hip-cool thing, I just feel many forget how the entire word is supposed to spelled. I digress, back to the topic at hand, I always felt the drive-thru was for lazy people and hardly ever used it. In fact I was pretty angry when Starbucks started featuring it. And then I had kids and my prejudice was a thing of history. I wish more stuff had drive-thru’s but read more about that in my post on 5 Parenting Wishes For Mommy Niri.

2.      Automatic Doors, Before I was a mom I thought nothing of opening doors to malls and buildings, ok maybe there were times I was slightly irritated at opening the door to see someone else brush past me to rush in, as if I was holding the door for them, and then there is that busy-talking-on-the-cell-phone-person that does that too, even when you ARE pregnant… ok, a moment to compose myself, now where was I? Oh, yes, I did not mind opening doors before but now with pushing a stroller or holding a bruising-my-arm-while-running-away child opening doors is kind of tricky.

3.      Larger bathroom stalls. Ok, confession here, I kind of always loved the big bathroom stalls but used them as a luxury and now look at them as a necessity. I mean it is literally a 3-ring circus when it is potty time. Not sure what thrills my daughters about being in a public restroom but all my “Don’t touch that!” commands are met with blank looks. With 2 girls and one mama in a bathroom, it gets a tad crowded in there.

4.      Minivans. Yes, I drive one. Stop that snickering! I heard that. With my Mother-in-law (read more on my post 5 Reasons I Love Living With My MIL) coming to live with us we needed it since nobody could fit between those huge car seats. Yes, I will hang my head in shame as to the fuel consumption (I promise we use it as little as we have to) but I stand up tall regarding the coolness factor. With me reeking of fruit juice and cheerios up to my armpits do you think I give a darn about coolness anymore?

5.      The Television. Ok, all you holier-than-thou moms who just got on their soap box to preach about the ill-effects of television let me reassure you that my kids only watch what I allow them (and been pre-screened by me) and only for the recommended 2 hours a day (contrary to what you may have read in my What Not To Say To SAHM post). Yes, and during those 2 hours I become giddy with delight as to what should I do. I find it difficult to decide whether I should have a blissful shower, eat a proper meal (maybe sit down too if I am lucky), maybe catch up on mount laundry or with my gal friend. Too often before I can choose anything the show is over!

What do you see different now?

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