Florastor Kids, A Probiotic Safe For Children

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*** CONTEST CLOSED *** What’s more frustrating than having a kid with diarrhea? Not being to help. Most medication out on the market is not designed for kids and doctors normally ask parents to “wait it out”. Thanks to BSM Media I was introduces to Florastor Kids.

Florastor® Kids is a clinically-tested, natural, yeast-based probiotic that aids in the growth of good microorganisms in the intestines, while destroying and removing disease causing microorganisms to help maintain or restore optimal intestinal health.

Dr. James Sears, board-certified pediatrician, author and co-host of the CBS-TV show “The Doctors,” has recommended Florastor Kids to patients for years, first of all because he’s seen its efficacy in pediatric diarrhea, and because it’s backed by scientific studies.

Dr. Sears answers some common questions about Florastor® Kids below:

Q: What are the most common causes of pediatric diarrhea?

A. Like most things in pediatrics, diarrhea is usually caused by a virus.  The most common diarrhea-causing viruses are Rotavirus and Norovirus, but most parents just call them “stomach flu”.  Kids can also get diarrhea as a side effect of antibiotics.

Q:  How should a parent handle food and drink for a child with diarrhea?

A: The key to treating diarrhea is to keep your child hydrated and nourished.  Breastmilk, formula, or electrolyte solutions are best for this, also, easy to digest foods will help keep the tummy happy.  Cow’s milk can make diarrhea worse, so lay off this for a few days.

Q:  At what point should a child with diarrhea be taken to the emergency room?

A If your child is losing more fluid than he can take in, he runs the risk of becoming dehydrated.  This is especially true if he is also vomiting.  It’s often the second day of illness when a child will become dehydrated, so watch for decreased urine output – number of wet diapers is less, or trips to the bathroom are less.  If your child becomes lethargic, this is also a reason to call the doctor.

Q:  Do you recommend probiotics for kids?

A: I’ve been recommending probiotics for years, and it’s now a recognized treatment for kids when they have diarrhea.  When kids get diarrhea, a probiotic can help replenish the “good” bacteria that is supposed to be living in the intestine – which will improve their digestion.

Q:  What is Florastor Kids?

A: Florastor Kids is a natural probiotic that supports the presence of beneficial (“good”) microbiota in the intestines, which helps keep pathogenic (“bad” or “disease-causing”) microbiota (like bacteria and viruses) from attacking the gut.

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