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Will all of you moms who spend more time behind the wheel playing taxi to the kid’s social calendar (which is more active than our own, not that we are keeping tabs) raise your hands? That’s what I thought, and I am no different. Of course the fact that my kids are not exactly of the age where I can always “drop” them off at an event means that the time driving is my only time not running after them. Before being introduced to Carpool Karma my idea of relaxation was my stop to my local Dunkin’ Donuts. Notwithstanding the (negative) impact on my (nonexistent) waistline and my (depleted) wallet, I knew I needed a change.

Newrobics, Inc. was founded by Nannette Wiener and Malkie Raskas, two “Carpool Moms” who wanted to share their passion for mental and physical fitness and promote whole-body wellness. They decided to draw upon their science and fitness training backgrounds and their child-raising experience to create unique mental and physical exercises that turn one’s immediate environment into a mind and body gym.

I finally got to try in on my long drive from a NY breakfast (yes, the one with the Today’s Mom book bash and Sarah   Ferguson) and I was a bit skeptic as to what it promised. Sure enough before I knew it I was doing mental exercises, word games that challenged me, and it did perk me up. I liked how it started slow, knowing that you are focusing on the road, and the complexity of the questions slowly increased as you went along. Sure enough it is meant to slowly stimulate you furthere each time you use it.

Created by carpool moms help optimize your time while ensuring that you mind and body get a workout. While waiting for your kid (or anyone) you get to  practice physical exercises and while driving can pick up the mental ones. The Carpool Moms CD was developed by certified experts and based on scientific research, reduce stress, stimulate brain activity and work key muscle groups.

I think their motto says it best “Carpool KarmaTM puts you in the driver’s seat for a fun and fulfilling brain and body workout. So get your kids in the car and your mind and body into shape!”

This is an excellent Mother’s Day gift and to help with you can take advantage of their free shipping and handling special. And to make it even better, Mommy Niri readers get a 10% discount; just enter MNIRI code at checkout at

Yes, I will be still stopping at the local Dunkin’s for my brew but that won’t be needed so often!

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