Where Is My Baby?

PARENTING | | April 7, 2009 at 10:29 am


It had already been a tough week (or maybe weeks) when we ventured out for some Easter fun. Having already been saddled with Bronchitis the week before and having both (yes, you read right BOTH) girls get diagnosed with ear infections meant for a great start to a weekend. We opted out of our fancier plans for the day since we figured our plate was already full, albeit the contents were not very appetizing, and settled for local (and free) digs. Along with sick kids comes the humongous whining that goes along with it. Having little (read no) energy to pry my younger (just turned 2 a few days before) baby girl’s sticky fingers away from her beloved doll (since I am forever afraid that it may get lost) I gave up. It just was not worth it. Anyway these days I let many things fall through the cracks (don’t believe me? Just read my post on “Yes, I washed that shirt“). Wrestling with a sick 2-year old is bound to bring no good fortune, plus could I ever win?

As we were done with our (short) Easter event in the toy store we packed up and completed a short shopping jaunt (I know, we were really pushing it) and then headed home. As we unpacked the car at home (amazing what crap you have to carry when you have kids) I got a sinking feeling. I did not see her beloved (and pretty dirty) doll. In desperation I asked hubby to search the car, but as he got back from his (futile) search I knew what the answer was already. I swear I could hear the toy Gods laughing from above as I panicked like crazy. Luckily she had not noticed that her baby was missing (but then if she noticed earlier it may have helped). We considered just forgetting it but our past memory (on a non sick moment) brought flashbacks of hysteria. I knew she would not sleep.

Hubby dialed the store with a speed that impressed me and waited anxiously as they promised to call back. When the phone rang we reached out excitedly to hear the good news of “baby” being found and kept safely for us to rescue. We wasted no time in heading back to the store and it was a wonderful sight to see her sitting patiently with all the lost stuff. The store associate nodded knowingly as I grabbed her in my arms. I was thrilled to take baby home to my baby. It is great to sometimes have a happy ending!

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