When Hubby Shops, He Really Shops!

PARENTING | | April 14, 2009 at 5:11 am

hubby shops

We had just finished a quick jaunt to an Easter Event (read more on that whole fiasco at “Where Is My Baby?”) when we decided to stop by Whole Foods since it was right next door. What I love most about the store is the sampling of fruits and other goodies. Anyway my honey, who is not a cheese (or a chocolate, or ice-cream) person (I know go figure but I have concluded that makes more for me) decided to sample some cheese that looked slightly like cream cheese. Unfortunately the crackers to sample with were all finished and so the dilemma arose as to how to savor the cheese.

My bright spark of a darling decided to use the toothpick no less. I am not sure what was more absurd, his suggesting it or me following it. The taste buds unanimously agreed that we were in cheese heaven.

Scanning the price (it was going for 50% off) my wallet also stood up in agreement of my mouth. No thinking here, this goat-cheese concoction was getting into my shopping cart. But wait! Hubby asks, “Should we get more?” I say “Sure, why not? Grab another one.”  What do you think hubby returns with? We are now proud owners of 4, yes you read that right, FOUR containers of cheese. Not sure if it is a guy thing, but once my baby finds something he likes he  really sticks to it. I should be pretty happy then that he likes me!

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