Thomas Rides Into Town

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I have 2 (little) girls yet you would be surprised how much cars and trains feature in their play routine (this is something I have tried to somewhat make an effort in, but you can read more on this in my post “No Way Is My Son Pushing A Stroller!“). When MomSelect offered me the opportunity to watch the Thomas Live show, I steamrolled ahead.

Firstly live shows are something else and I need not remind you that tickets are a real treasure. We anxiously looked forward to watching the show. Crowd participation is a difficult act to come by especially since the age of the crowd makes theaters somewhat overwhelming. Nonetheless there was pretty decent involvement from the kids as they warmed up and became enthralled by the show.

Songs, which were a favorite, were sung gaily. I must admit loving the rendition of “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” and the delayed actions that toddlers normally have that go with it. Needless to say the kids (and I am sure I spotted many parents too) go gaga when the Thomas Train song kicked in. Yup, you know that the favorite songs of your kids do grow on you.

Not sure if it was whether the theater was great or the stage placement but no matter where you sat you had a fabulous view (which is great if all you could afford were the seats waaaaay in the back). Taking theĀ  toddler and preschooler’s attention span (or rather the lack of it) into consideration the interval was well timed. It would have been nice to have ended the day with some souvenir but at the lofty prices it was decided the wonderful memory would be a wonderful treasure in itself.

As if all the excitement was not enough I was thrilled to hear that as part of the partnership with Autism Speaks, special discounted performances to Thomas & Friends Live! will be available to children with autism and their families, during the January through August 2009 nationwide tour. Also, one dollar from each ticket sold for these special performances will be donated to Autism Speaks. At these venues a quiet room will also be available. Read several of Mommy Niri features on Autism during April Is Autism Month.

Have not seen the show yet? Then chug along to Thomas & Friends Live! On Stage: A Circus Comes To Town right now.

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