Privacy Please!

PARENTING | | April 23, 2009 at 12:02 pm


My (poor) husband was getting about his business showering while my little daughter Miss B and I were brushing our teeth (yes we have just one bathroom, with 2 little girls) and hubby dearest began bemoaning his lack of privacy. I was not sure whether to laugh at him or scream at him. I did neither as I was too shocked by his ludicrous request. Privacy?

Why, I have not had that in almost 4 years. If I do manage to take a shower it has to be a well planned one, ensuring the kids are set up with an activity that will hopefully engage them long enough so I can wash the soap off my back. I have become so used to rush my own skincare routine (a routine that now consists of slapping any cream on my face) yet always have time to slather goobs of lotion on the kids.

If I do become brave to take that shower I swear I can hear screams in my head as I wonder what if something happens to them while I am in there. Then there is the clingy child, or “velcro” as I like to call her, who will, like her namesake suggests, be stuck to me no matter what I do. With her I will have to hold her while I do everything (yes, everything). I swear with being pregnant, nursing or the clingy child I feel like someone has super-glued a child to me. Privacy indeed!

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    I gave up on privacy about the time I got pregnant. The first intrusions came as frequent weigh ins at the OB, then childbirth, um, yeah. Enough said. As infants the boys needed to be in the bathroom with me at all times, even now they barge in as soon as I close the door. We have two bathrooms, but sadly no bathroom locks.

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    Privacy? You mean that thing that went away when we had a child? My son screams bloody murder if I close the door when I go to the bathroom – in the master bedroom! Never mind that within minutes of attempting to do my business a pair of curious eyes comes around the corner- demanding to be picked up or just enjoying giving a play by play of mommy’s business. Close the door when I am showering? Blasphemy!

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