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As the final piece in my celebration of April is Autism Month (make sure you read my older posts AMC And Autism, Games For Autistic Children, Autistic Society Of America), I have an interview with a mama to an Autistic boy. This is so close to my heart as this boy is my beloved nephew. I praise my sister for having the courage to nurture his needs and love him so unconditionally.

When did you first realize that something was amiss?

My son was about 8 months old when I saw there is a difference in him.  He stopped responding to his name or to loud sounds.

When relaying this concern to professionals (doctors etc) what was the reaction?

Well at his one-year check up (10 years ago), when I told the doctor about my concerns, he just said some kids develop slower then other children and looked at my husband and told him that I am over reacting for been a first time mom.  When we were at his 2-year check up told the doctor that there is something wrong because he is not saying a word and not responding to his name.  The Doctor said if we want to have him checked out, we could.  So we had nothing to lose and everything to gain and we did have him tested.

What thoughts were going through your mind (denial, fear, anger, sorrow, adamant)?

My thought was okay we know what is wrong, how do we fix it?  But when I got online and read the little information that was out there, then understood really what it is.  Then I knew its not easy fixing the problem, but can help lead a “normal” life as possible

Was there a wealth of information available to you?

It was very limited, not even the doctors knew what is was before for his doctor could not see the signs with him and make the connection to what was my concern.  The web had very limited information back then.  Now there is a lot of information on the web and at the doctor’s office.

Was there too much of information at times? How did you navigate through the sea of information?

Several years ago there was not much information, and all that was there was 90% research, which was still very helpful.  But it was really not very easy to understand.  Now, there is a lot of information and very easy to understand.  As time goes on there is a lot more information out there.

What was the biggest support you received?

My husband and I cried on each other’s shoulders and we worked on helping him. Also having another baby did him wonders, in helping him become more aware of things around him

How did family and friends react?

Some people thought their kid is going to get autism,  it just made me mad but then understood they did not understand.  Some just kept away and still do, but that is something I have come to accept.

Were the facilities and amenities to your satisfaction?

We were lucky when he turned 3 he went to special day class and had a amazing teacher and worked with him and help me understand on how to work with him.  Before he could not sit for 5 minutes and just a month in school he could get into circle time.  Having the right teachers helped in him improve. But if we did get good help we just asked for something better, At times it was not given to us, we had to fight to get him the best help we can.

What was the glue that kept it all together?

Having to be patient with each other and just been there for each other.  Just enjoying the little victories with big victories

What is your focus on now?

Is to make him be as independent as possible.  And looking forward to be working when he is older

What hopes do you have for the future of Autism?

Maybe one day they are able to unlock their minds to understand them and working to find out how we can help each person.  Most of all finding the cause of autism and find a way to prevent a person from autism.

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