Friday 5: 5 Parenting Wishes For Mommy Niri

FRIDAY 5, PARENTING | | April 17, 2009 at 8:29 pm


As part of the Mommy Niri Friday 5 Series, this week I let you in on my parenting wishes. Since I needed to limit it to 5 to be eligible I found it extremely difficult since we all know our wishes can be endless, but here goes

1.      A drive-thru for essentials like milk, bread and cheese, etc. How often have you dreaded that supermarket visit, even though you desperately needed a few important items, since the thought of dragging 2 non-compliant kids along with lugging the groceries did not appeal to you?

2.      Toddler/Preschooler buckled seats in the restrooms. I have seen it at a few places where you can buckle your kids in a seat while you use the restroom but wish they were everywhere. This prevents your child from putting their hands everywhere (read the trash in the bathroom) while you recite like a mantra “Do not touch…”. Heck, since it is my wishes make it 2 seats. Yes, we moms have some pretty exciting trips to the bathrooms while managing the kids.

3.      Childcare in Spas. I have seen that a few supermarkets have them (I wish all did) but I would give my right arm to have that service while I had a manicure, ok, scratch that I may need that arm while having the manicure.

4.      Automatic seatbelts on children car seats. To place a child and have the buckles automatically strap themselves around my kids would be the ultimate help (Stop shaking your head at me, it is my wish and I will dream if I want to). Imagine the time I will save and not have to deal with the back-hurting-while-bending, shin-hurting-while-kids-think-it-is-a-joke-to-kick, whining-in-the-most-annoying-form-available, waiting-for-the-slow-motion-child-to-move to buckle-themselves-in.

5.      A button that will automatically clean inside my car. Ok, truth be told I could do with this button for my home too, but my car is always crying out to be rescued from the crap I managed to collect in it. Try as I might (yes I could try harder so back off) the car becomes an extension of my home (and not the pretty part).

What’s in your dream basket?

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