Friday 5: 5 Easy Ways To Go Green

FRIDAY 5 | | April 24, 2009 at 1:19 am


As part of the Mommy Niri Friday 5 Series, it made sense to focus on Earth Day. I will make it simple as small steps get us there, eventually. Every little change makes a difference.  Here are just 5 easy ways to go green.

1.      Use dishtowels in the kitchen. I am still working on getting this one perfected, but when I do cave into paper towels I make sure it is the recycled brands.

2.      Replace most, if not all, cleaners with eco-friendly ones. There are several great environmentally friendly options out there. Some, I agree, are not the best quality, but even those I sometimes use. The long term benefit of me scrubbing a little more just to use this product makes it worth it. Plus I need the exercise.

3.      Plant with your children. I have no green thumb. I barely see things through let alone do gardening well. Each year I go further with my attempts. This year we are using an inexpensive greenhouse ($7 for one that houses 72 seedlings including the soil pellets). My daughter and I had a ball putting the vegetable seeds in. More than just seeding I am planting the importance of the earth in her.

4.      Give gifts in those reusable grocery bags. I know they don’t look cool as those printed wrappers, yes those same wrappers that gets tossed so fast in the trash that it makes your dollars spin. The kid may not like it but I would be surprised if the parents didn’t.

5.      Make mini Pot plant kits the next favor at your kid’s birthday. Let’s get rid of all that (plastic) clutter for crap that gets thrown around the house until you sneakily put it the trash. My girls are having a joint birthday party this year (I know I doubt I can get away with that again) and guess what all the kids are getting?

What are you doing to help the earth?

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