Buy A Ticket, Plant A Tree

EVENTS, REVIEWS | | April 21, 2009 at 8:05 pm


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The movie Earth, slated for release on April 22nd – Earth Day, is one much awaited movie. Disney’s movies are always special but this one has already got more than ½ million moviegoers buying tickets. What’s so special, you ask? Well Disneynature’s commitment to plant a tree for everyone who sees the motion picture between April 22-28 means that already 500,000 trees will be planted. That number is set to soar drastically as more and more people vy to watch the movie and make a difference to the world.

Brazil’s Atlantic Forest, which has been identified as a critical area of biodiversity and also one of the most endangered forests in the world, will the recipient of these trees. So finally you can kick back and watch a movie while making the world a greener place. To find a theatre near you and to purchase tickets, go to

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