Passing On My Prejudices

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I have heard it said several times about ensuring that when we introduce food to babies to keep our personal biases out of the radar. This is so that we do not feed kids our prejudices, literally. Did I listen to that bit of smart advice? No, of course not. Was it because I thought I knew better? No. The truth was I did not have the courage (or stomach) to do it. Like I don’t eat (or like) tomatoes so my kids have not eaten it (does ketchup count?). Don’t start to pity their cuisine nutritionally; they are vegetarians and avid vegetable and whole-grain lovers. But I do feel guilty about it. I cook with them but make them “disappear” in the dish. Freaky I know.

Maybe it was all those years shopping with my mum in the farmer’s vegetable market Durban (South Africa). It brings vivid memories of crushed tomatoes all over as I tried to not squish them as I stepped (how’s your tummy now?) while hanging onto my mum’s hand, scared out of my wits that I may get lost in the veggie mayhem. I still get the shivers just thinking about it.

Yes, this is just one of the many (hubby would interject here to say “many more”) quirks I possess that I have succeeded in handing down. However there are a few judgments I tried (pretty) hard not to pass. Like there are certain members of my (extended) family that bug the living daylights out of me but my children are highly unaware of it. Although I grind my teeth each time my daughter mutters words of affection to this person, I am deeply proud that it means there are some (important) places I have not (yet) passed my prejudices.

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