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INTERVIEWS | | March 22, 2009 at 8:31 pm

As I waited in the lobby waiting for the arrival of Mitali Perkins, I began to wonder what to expect. Here was already a successful, accomplished and award-winning writer so even if she had a chip on her shoulder I would have willfully ignored it. When I did meet her I was taken aback by her unassuming warmth. As I tried to absorb her words my mind kept flitting with ideas of what makes Mitali tick. Here was a person so confident in her own skin, upbeat and yet still carving time out of her (obviously) busy schedule to meet me. Admittedly I did forget for a few moments that I was doing an interview ramble on about myself as if she was some long lost friend whom I had just reacquainted myself with.

The more her words flowed about her beginnings as a SAHM (a soft spot for me being a fellow SAHM), which drove her to start writing, the more I was impressed with her whole positive attitude. The way she considered that being a SAHM gave you a chance to redefine yourself was indeed to fresh way to look at it (as I, ahem, am doing the same with my Mommy Niri blog). As I further learned about how her attempts in getting a book published, which seemed to be shown the door more times than desired in as many years, I had to admire the courage to hear “No” and still believe in yourself. That determination landed her awards for her patience and persistence. She now has several books to her name including Secret Keeper, First Daughter: White House Rules, First Daughter: Extreme American Makeover, Rickshaw Girl, Monsoon Summer and The Not-So-Star-Spangled Life of Sunita Sen.

Meeting Mitali confirmed to me that she is the epitome of life and that oozes out of her writing. Below is a small video clip of my interview with her.

Mitali keeps an active blog (Mitali’s Fire Escape) and makes an appearance on twitter too  (which is where we met). Make sure you check her out, because trust me, you won’t forget her.

Mommy Niri is giving you a chance to win an autographed copy of Rickshaw Girl, which has been nominated for the Massachusetts Book Award this year.  Read more at the contest post Win An Autographed Copy of Mitali Perkin’s “Rickshaw Girl”.

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