Friday 5: 5 Reasons I Love Being A Mom!

FRIDAY 5 | | March 13, 2009 at 12:51 pm


As part of the Mommy Niri Friday 5 series, here is the next installment.

  • I belong to the mommy fraternity! Finally a club that would let me in. You know how it is when you can hear a kid scream and act out at a restaurant and you throw the mom an apologetic smile just to say, “relax, I feel for you and I know you are doing the best you can.” and she shrugs and smiles in return? I never realized that all I had to do was go through labor (not that labor was easy) just to be part of the mommy community which is normally supportive (well when we are not irritated at each other for having a potty trained kid while ours looks at the potty like it will bite her, or when some mommy is gloating about her kid sleeping through the night while yours is well… hmmm NOT!)

  • I have an excuse (reason) to ignore stuff and people. Come on, fess up. How many times did you use your kid to hang up on a call you really did not want to continue? Or how many times did you say “I think my kid needs me, I’ll be back.” at an event just to get out of conversation with that annoying someone?

  • I appreciate the little things in life. You know, the simple things in life, like sleep – any and uninterrupted, silence – nothing ┬áis sweeter to the ears, a relaxing shower – with the door closed, a hot cup of chai/tea – finished in one sitting with no microwave involved, a manicure (a girl is allowed to dream)!

  • I have learned patience (don’t laugh, you have no idea what a workaholic I was before). I can almost see hubby rolling his eyes on this one, but ignore him. Ok, this one is really a work in progress but as I will honestly attest that I am the least patient person I know, but there is something about negotiating with your toddler to get her shoes on when all she will do is dawdle, to teach one to swallow it and go with the flow.

  • I know everything! I do! I mean it! Just ask me. I know where the socks are , that hubby has kept. I know how to take sticky play-doh out of my carpet (ok, still working on getting all out), I know how to fix (almost) anything, and I (normally) know how to stop a tantrum. Maybe as a reward for all that pushing during labor we obtained superpowers.

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