Baby Einstein World Music DVD Launch

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I was recently fortunate to be introduced to the new Baby Einstein World Music DVD through Mom Central. The DVD comes from the home of the famous Baby Einstein we all know and trust. Baby Einstein DVDs have always managed to engage, entertain and educate our babies. Known for simple yet effective visuals that somehow manage to captivate little ones always paired with scintillating music, these DVDs have even been a pleasure for the adult to watch. I had just received the Baby Einstein World Music DVD (which launches March 31st 2009) and intriguingly read that one of the suggested viewing times to be “just after a nap to transition to playtime“.

Since my almost 2 year old had just gone down for a nap I decided to wait on watching it to test it out on her. I did sit with a horrible guilty feeling knowing that my gal was a real howler (that would put any werewolf to shame) post nap and it was unfair to expect this DVD to perform miracles. When the screaming started after she awoke, and after I managed to think clearly enough to remember the DVD, I popped it in the player, expecting nothing.

Guess what? She did not make a peep. She stared bright-eyed, mouth opened right at the television. The DVD, while similar in some format to past editions is different in that Baby Einstein World Music adds a new dimension by introducing baby to global music. The visuals are amazing and being a person to whom world music and cultures is of utmost importance this was a DVD right up my alley. Although the music of the previous DVDs were beautiful it was uplifting to listen to the fresh sounds of each culture. Covering all the continents with a snippet of music from a country in each along with puppetry that even my almost 4 year old found hilarious. There are several modes to watch the DVD so it makes it easy to tailor it according to the needs and age of your child. What a wonderful way to expose children to world music. There is no time like now to make that introduction.

The verdict? After the DVD ended my daughter continued to happily play. Co-incidence? I am not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, but I am not going to lose my copy of the DVD for sure.

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