And Now We Have Space!

PARENTING | | March 11, 2009 at 12:36 pm

I have been meaning to straighten up the girls’ bookshelf for the past few months (ok, it has been a tad longer than that) but the timing never seemed right (plus those books were going nowhere anyway). Like any procrastinator I have been just piling on the books and the bookshelf has become an eyesore. You would have thought that having the books tumble out each day would have been incentive enough to straighten it up, but no I managed to always stash the books back, albeit seething.imgp64145

One such night I had (just) managed to shove every book in tightly. Yes, it looked a mess but at least I could see my floor. My elder child had just finished her bedtime story time and was about to “find” a place in the book mayhem; I call a bookshelf, to keep her book in. In panic I screamed out “No!” but I could already see all the books start to tumble down. With the bookshelf now almost barren, I was trying hard to bite back my frustration and (hopefully) not say anything too damaging, when Miss J gleefully announced “And now we have space!”, and promptly put her book on the shelf.

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