Almost Feels Like You’re Going To School?

PARENTING | | March 25, 2009 at 11:17 am


Do you dread getting out of the car as you pull up into the driveway at school to pick up your preschooler? Are you wondering if you can sneak off with your kid in arm without the teacher on your back? Do you avoid eye contact with the teacher in the hope of no conversation? Does your heart sink as your ears perk up when you hear a familiar voice with those dreaded words “I need to speak to you”? If you do you are not alone. It seems like we are always on tenterhooks as to what our kid has done wrong each time. Worse still we feel like we are in school and getting reprimanded for some job badly done, except this time the job is raising your child.

Whether it is the concern that we are judged on our parenting skills or memories of our own school days it is a very uncomfortable feeling. Each day bring a new joy to parents but also new concerns. We hope not only will our child not fall behind but also does not display some deviant behavior. As such if this is done it would reflect poorly on our child’s upbringing and bring our parenting skills into question. Most of the time we are second guessing whether we are doing it right and when we get that look (you know the one I mean) from the teacher it certainly throws a spanner in the works.

However else we are graded we certainly should get full marks for trying.

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