No Way Is My Son Pushing A Stroller!

PARENTING | | February 4, 2009 at 8:26 pm

In a world that clearly has (different) expectations of boys and girls we are constantly bombarded by what is appropriate and what is not. The man interviewing a woman and thinking “I wonder if she can work late nights or has kid issues” did not just pick up those notions. How we are taught (by accident or intentional) from childhood certainly shapes the outlook we have of our fellow brothers and sisters.

As important as it is to have females believe their world can include anything they want, it is also imperative that we do not trap males and allow them to freely express affection and emotion. As we choose toys for our children let us not just allow those catalogs to tell us that boys need trucks and girls need dolls. Without any argument I will agree that each sex automatically gravitates to different types of toys, but lets not force the issue or close the horizons. Broadening our children’s perspectives will lead to a broadened generation. I remember at a playdate a mom relating how much her sons loved doll houses but their grandparents would have none of that so they settled on a barn.

Since when is the display of nurturing a female only thing? My daughters love their trucks as much as they love their dolls. On another playdate a mom noticed how her son loved pushing the doll stroller at our home and mentioned to her husband that they should get one one, to which he responded that “No way is my son pushing a stroller“. She smartly added, “Why? Don’t YOU push a stroller as well?

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    Ressey says:

    My youngest son is 3 yrs old and loves to play with dolls. He’s constantly sneaking into my 13 yr old’s closet and pulling out the dolls she doesn’t play with any more. There is nothing wrong with boys playing with dolls, pushing strollers or having their nails polished…it was a blue glitter polish. *GRIN*

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    Purvi says:

    Actually, I have to admit, when I first saw my child push a pink stroller at the store I was lets say not so thrilled..his favorite color this week is pink..but he does all what typical boys boy and climb on things and overall be rowdy..He however, plays with a lot of girls in daycare and picks these things up..I have stopped being concerned ..

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    Charlotte says:

    A fantastic piece, thank you for sharing!

    Reminds me of the “highly controversial” story back in April that focused on J Crew’s creative director painting her son’s toenails hot pink – his favorite color. (

    Critics pointed to this as exploitative, calling the ad “blatant propaganda celebrating transgendered children.” Good grief. I am completely in agreement with you that forcing this antiquated issue, berating children for choosing playthings adults deem gender-inappropriate, will only backfire, leading to shame and confusion. Wiggle those pink toes, push those strollers, and let kids be the curious explorers they naturally want to be!

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    Kami says:

    The baby doll stroller in the photo is the exact one my three year old son has. It was the first toy he ever picked out for himself at the store.

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