Just Name That Gift!

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It is birthday season all year when you have kids. It seems all you can do is manage the social calendar of your kids and with a twinge of envy wonder why your own seems drier than the Sahara desert. It it all I can do to keep my head wrapped around the several dates filled in the year. When I moan to parents of older kids about the amount of parties they chalk it up to maybe we are just popular (hah, as if) while others offer a more believable (well it better be) reason that while kids are much younger, parents tend to have bigger parties. It seems once the kids can “choose” their own friends in school the parties tend to be smaller (and not so much of the parent’s circle).Now to get a piece of that birthday cake one has to barter a gift for it. That whole gift thing is a huge can of worms on its own. Setting a price tag for a gift has become impossible and who knows if someone else would have gotten it for them (or better yet they already own). Got in on sale? Well then I can’t even put a gift receipt in since they will find out. I have seen some parties have favors that were pricier than my gift (ahem, I am not cheap, they are just expensive). Then arrives the question of gift cards, but again, how much is just right?

I normally love personalized gifts but they are known to come with a hefty price tag or are never done on the perfect object. Luckily for me I found Label Daddy. They have various labels for clothing, utensils etc that parents can use to identify their items. Which parent would not think that this was the perfect gift? Kid has an allergy? Even better, the mom would kiss you (heck I would too for helping a kid stay out of harm’s way) for your gift. And if any of my friends (or if anyone reading this) wanted to get these as gifts for my little girls, just make sure you spell their names correctly. There, I have saved you all that shopping time, now you can just sit back, relax and read posts by your favorite blogger. Me!

PS. Label Daddy is sending a lucky blogger to BlogHer. Cross your fingers it is me as my last attempt was peppered with hubby losing a job 2 days before, my babysitter getting food poisoning the day off and all of this while Blogher Boston was held on my birthday. Yes, just maybe 2009 is my year.

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