Friday 5: 5 Things That Sabotage My Diet!

FRIDAY 5 | | February 12, 2009 at 7:37 pm


My weight has always been on a yo-yo but since having two kids back-to-back the memory of my “before” is all too fuzzy. You might have read back in my resolutions for 2009 where I listed one of my resolutions to get back into my “fat” clothes. Well here are a few things that have been playing havoc with my (futile) attempts to battle the bulge. This is part of The Friday 5 series.

1. Those (oh so) yummy scraps that kids leave on the plate. Add that to having a legacy of “Clean your plate!” rammed down our throat.

2. Kazillion birthday parties. Baby has barely left the womb when you are swamped with birthday invitations. Of course a menu of pizza, ice-cream and cake does not a slim Mommy Niri make.

3. A velcro-clingy baby who won’t let you leave the room, let alone the house to head to the gym.

4. Exhaustion at the end of the day at being at the beck-and-call to the kids makes me want to veg out, stare at the tv or computer until I really have to go to bed and start the whole cycle again.

5. L-A-Z-I-N-E-S-S. Probably the most truthful excuse (ahem reason) I have.

What works for you (or doesn’t so I don’t feel I am the only one)?

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