When Papa Gets Home…

PARENTING | | January 27, 2009 at 5:42 pm

Ever noticed how the clock ticks slower when waiting for hubby to get home at the end of the day as the kids seem to experience the bewitching hour. You find it hard to hold back the irritation when he calls you much later than he was expected to leave, and says he is just starting to leave. When he says that he had important things to take care of at the office, it annoys you that as a SAHM people think you don’t have anything important to do. You don’t mind that he is late, you mind that he does not call to let you know.

The relaxing attitude when he gets home drives you insane as it is a reminder that your “shift” does not end. Being constantly “on duty” makes your mind crazy with trying to figure out what to do next. In your exhaustion every little “mishap” from the kids seem to push you over the edge. You know you should feel thrilled that the kids giggle in delight at seeing their “papa” (and you are) but part of you is actually jealous.

Then the kids get in the bath and the happy laughter that escapes the room tells you all is well. You feel assured as hubby’s spurt of energy makes up for the lack of your own. As you move around to the mundane preparations for the night, you relax knowing that the family is complete.

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    Elbergon says:

    awww time to give some of your stuff and hand-me-downs that you outgrew dear to your cosinus. im sure your cousin would love to sleep with your pink kitty cat

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