Stop n Shop’s Free Antibiotic Program

REVIEWS | | January 11, 2009 at 8:04 pm

I remember seeing the advertisement on television about the free antibiotic prescription program offered by Stop n Shop and just thinking “wow”. Here is something clearly tangible that someone is doing for the people to help with an area needing much address. It is easier to have deep discounts, but to actually offer free of something that is essential to your health and well-being is wonderful. No one selling you a product that you don’t need, just helping you with something your doctor thinks you need anyway. We need this type of outreach in economic times like this.

And then I forgot all about it, until a friend was bemoaning prescription costs on facebook. I was surprised that she had not heard about it when I mentioned it. After I provided her more details I wondered how many people out there were in the same boat. Thank you Stop n Shop for doing something real to assist in these troubled times. I thought it was worth a blog, don’t you?

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