Friday 5 : 5 Resolutions For Mommy Niri

FRIDAY 5 | | January 3, 2009 at 8:01 pm

As part of the Mommy Niri’s Friday 5 series, I kick off the 1st one of the year aptly with my resolutions. Would love to hear what you think.

Finally fit into my fat clothes.

I am through with the stress of trying to fit into my skinny (skinny ha ha ha, as if, I mean non-fat) clothes. Now that my regular fat clothes don’t fit, my aim this year will be to take smaller steps to weight management and just get into to my fat clothes, for now.

To be more patient with my kids.

I knew things needed to improve the moment I very (very angrily) asked my daughter to “shut up” (before any of you holier-than-thou people begin to preach I ask you to spend a day with a friend called the “whiner queen”) to which my daughter calmly replied “Mama, is shut up a nice thing to say?” I was unsure whether to get angrier, die of embarrassment or to hug her.

To take (better or any) care of Moi!

You know things are amiss when you spend loads of time and goobs of lotion to massage your baby’s oh-so-smooth skin but can’t remember when last you even dabbed something on your own. Watch out world (or rather wallet), here I come!

To wait 30 minutes before snapping at hubby, as he gets home.

It took watching the Sex In The City movie to realize how blase I have become. Well, I promise not to rattle (or bark out) orders, in the the first 5 minutes of him stepping in the door.Waiting until at least 30 minutes should bring some civility and prolong our (wonderful) marriage (Should I get any brownie points if I wait for just 15 minutes?)

To STOP feeling guilty!

It seems from the moment of pregnancy we are plagued with reasons for guilt: (Would that drink I had a week before I found out I was pregnant harm the baby? Is my dress too tight for this baby? Am I eating the correct food to nourish this baby), to babyhood (Is my nursing/formula feeding getting the baby the correct nutrients? Am I spoiling the baby?) to beyond (Did I stimulate my child enough? Did I discipline her correctly? Was I too hard on her? Did I spend enough time with her? etc…) Well now I am going to STOP!!! I may not be doing it perfectly but I sure am doing the best I know how, and that should be enough. Or is it?

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