Friday 5: 5 Reasons Why Moms Deserve Oscars

FRIDAY 5 | | January 22, 2009 at 7:52 pm

As part of the Mommy Niri’s Friday 5 series, Mommy Niri shows why Mommies deserve those awards too.

1. We manage to (somehow) get the kids bundled and in the car, in one-piece and (amazingly) on-time. This all happens even though your child has removed his hat and jacket for the umpteenth time, or your child is having a kick-fest while you buckle her in. I swear when I do manage to get my act into gear I always feel like there should be this round of applause.

2. We multi-task (and do it well)! Your mind is crazy as you go over the schedules and try to time everything so something is happening while waiting for something else to happen. Often this is to the point of craziness as there is this battle going on in your head to make it all work. And people wonder why we always have the frazzled look on our face.

3. We can fix it, stitch, glue it, mend it (or replace it), always. My best friends are my multi functional screwdriver and super glue. Come on mommy, what’s in your toolbox?

4. We remember where everyone keeps their stuff. And we are not just talking about the kid’s stuff here. You know where every single toy or favorite outfit is kept, you know when hubby fakes looking by not moving an item and wonder will anyone ever survive without you.

5. We make sure everyone’s sneeze or sniffle is taken care of, even when we are under the weather ourselves. You know exactly how to make everyone feel better even when their whiny sick voices sometimes makes you want to scream. You cook a million meals in the hope that they eat just of them. For yourself you know to be practical and eat, medicate and rest (as if) since you know duty soon calls. You endure pain until you think you can do no more, and then you go ahead and do more (sounds like labor). And ladies, who is the biggest sick baby in your house? You know who I mean.

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