Friday 5 : 5 Confessions Of Mommy Niri

FRIDAY 5 | | January 8, 2009 at 10:02 pm

As part of the Mommy Niri’s Friday 5 series, Mommy Niri spills the beans.

1. Yes I (Still) Co-sleep.

I can already hear the safety patrol screaming out all the guidelines (like share a room rather than a bed, keep separators,etc). My family co-slept when I was a kid and I could not imagine sleeping alone in a bed. We co-slept with my elder daughter and contrary to popular scary stories about they never are able to move out to their own beds, she did. Do I ever want to kick my toddler out of my bed? Often, but not often enough to make me stop. There is something so magical about sleeping with your child. Heck, there is something magical about them finally sleeping.

2. I Rocked My Babies To Sleep

I know, I know, every book on the planet decrees to put them down awake and let them fall asleep. Since birth my kids have always screamed bloody murder the moment you lay them down. Since I am anti-Ferber (aka the “cry-to-sleep-guy”) I would promptly pick them up. My thought was to always let my babies feel secure, and never ever feel their call to me was in vain. I am sure some of those calls I could (and should) have ignored, trust me there were many times I really wanted to, but I did not want to take a chance that they might really have needed me. Did I pay a price? Definitely in time and exertion. Was it worth it? Jury is still out on that.

3. I Nursed My Babies Out Of Laziness.

When people learn that I nursed my kids for a long (long) time (around 15 months) they are extremely surprised and normally congratulatory. They often ask how I did it and are shocked when I reply laziness. I believed in feeding on demand and I co-slept (read above) so nursing was way easier than getting out of bed and making a bottle. There was never anything to wash or warm. Sure it was cheaper than formula, and I am thrilled it was healthier but laziness was the honest driving factor. Now if only my laziness was good for something else.

4. I Allow My Kids To Have Candy, Ice-cream And Soda

Of course we don’t keep this stuff in the house but I have always allowed my kids to have it when requested. Since I do, they don’t build up hype that these are untouchable (and thus giving it undue importance) so they think nothing special of it. My kids are also vegetarians and avid fans of non greasy, steamed vegetables and whole grain. So they would easily take a bite of a candy bar and another of a broccoli floret and think nothing of it. (Could it be that I have actually done something right?)

5. I Bribe

I admit it. I do. Don’t you? The thing is, it works!

I am waiting to hear your confessions!

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