Too Busy To Be Busy?

PARENTING | | December 10, 2008 at 8:26 pm

In a time when it is super cool to be busy and everyone is in a hurry, I have found the truly “busiest” people always have time. I cannot fathom why we now have games like UNO and Monopoly speed versions? What happened to board games just being something you play to relax and unwind? Where is everyone in a rush to get to anyhow? I used to be in the rat race but then I decided I did not want to be a rat anymore. Now you call anyone and they will only be too pleased to relate their busy lives as if that equates somehow to their importance. The other annoying factor is the attitude that SAHM – Stay At Home Moms, have all the time on their hands, is totally untrue (Read my post on What Not To Say To SAHM for more details).

Some time back on the day of my mom’s funeral I was shocked to see hoards of people throng to be there. I could not understand how my mom knew so many people but I was pleased that she took the time to impact lives. I stopped my workaholic lifestyle immediately and began to absorb life. It certainly took death to teach me about life. Now I take the time to keep up with people and when they tell me that they have no idea how I have the time, I tell them I MAKE the time. No-one has time, we allocate time to what we believe is important and at the top of our list should be people and relationships.

All is not lost as I have come across several exceptional people who do many amazing things but most importantly make you feel like you are the most important person when they speak to you. They carve time and work around your busy schedule to arrange time (even though their own schedules are choc-ful of stuff). Here are just a few of my favorite people. The first is Kit August, a Breast Cancer survivor – state winning artist, holder of several technology patents, actress, musician and currently studying toward her Phd.

The next is Rita Shah, a mommy to two wonderful, level headed girls, President of IAGB (Indian Association Of Greater Boston), on the Board of Saheli (A women’s organization focussed on domestic violence and women empowerment), assists the local police cross cultural and language barriers, is on the local religious organization board, a volunteer teacher at the Shishu Barathi School (a language and cultural school) and also involved in the travel and insurance industry. Last, but not least, is Christina Bentley, a SAHM of two awesome boys, a blogger, runs an online store for baby clothing, and get this, sews all of that clothing, also she runs the Wilmington area Stroller Strides and even runs a meetup group for mommies.

You women inspire me and I hope that more people take the time to make the time for people. Are you too busy these days?

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