The Stop n Shop’s Women Luncheon

REVIEWS | | December 9, 2008 at 6:18 am

When I heard of a Stop n Shop party from a friend for moms in downtown Boston at Hamersley Bistro, I should have been excited but I (ungratefully) groaned. Then she mentioned catered lunch, and though my tummy was screaming in joy (doesn’t take much for that to happen) I was still thinking “Boston = traffic”. Then I heard more about the paid parking and I moaned a little less but the thought of dragging my kids or making arrangements for them seemed so daunting. Then she said the magic words, “childcare provided”. What? They pay my parking, food prepared for me and the kids by a top restaurant (taking into consideration our dietary restrictions) and they do holiday activities for the kids. Woohoo, sign me up. Then I started to drive them and although I was thrilled that it did not snow, the traffic was as expected no catwalk.

The event was executed perfectly and the warmth and consideration shown to me made me so suspicious (I know not to look a gift horse in the mouth but with my recent spate of bad luck who could blame me?). I enjoyed a wonderful meal while entertained by event planner Bryan Rafanelli’s wonderful holiday ideas. A quick peek into the kid’s area (expecting to either see my kids in tears or something) I was met with giggling girls. Me begins to wonder who missed who. Not only were we lucky enough to take home wonderful products and a hefty gift card, I was also lucky to win a gift basket laden with exotic chocolate products. One word, YUMMY!

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