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EDUCATION, PARENTING | | December 21, 2008 at 5:15 pm

Speaking as a mom of early readers and an avid lover of reading (I only wish my reading list contained something other than children stories, but then again my music selection also suffers the same fate), I strongly believe in the importance of reading (the earlier the introduction to books the better). When my 3 year old daughter showed a keen interest in numbers and the alphabet, I urged her use reading as a way of relaxation and independence. The special world you enter with reading is something no video game can ever emulate. In a time where the quality of language spoken is highly degraded it frustrates me (to no end) when I see words used in the incorrect context. The usage of “there, their, were, where, wear” etc is clearly misunderstood. I do appreciate that juxtapositions happen during typing (hello “spellcheck” anybody?) but I clearly see articles and emails written which blatantly show that the writer did not really know the correct spelling of the word.

Good readers normally lead to good spellers and writers. Children of disadvantaged homes sometime have the notion of reading being a privilege and it takes a backseat as the basic necessities of life are addressed. I look at kids load up on the most fanciest electronic gadgets and wonder how many books they posses, or heaven forbid, read. You as a parent are the role model they seek. We all know how kids pick up the worst habits from us, let’s give them a few good ones to copy. Let’s make a resolution to read, and if we do already, then let’s read more (there can never be too much of reading to your child). In the spirit of the holiday season let’s spread this cheer to some deserving child as well.

Hooked on Phonics has promised to donate a learn-to-read kit to needy children through (a nonprofit organization that provides new books to children from low-income families who are participating in community-based mentoring, tutoring and literacy programs). All you need to do is pledge to read to your child in 2009, now how difficult is that? Here’s the best part of the deal – it doesn’t cost ANYTHING to pledge and by doing so you can help give kids the tools they need to succeed not only with reading, but with their overall education.

Sounds easy right? Imagine gifting your child (or any child) and also helping a child in need. What are you waiting for? I have already signed up, have you? Make sure you let them know Mommy Niri sent you (no, I don’t get anything from it other than the satisfaction that I may have helped spread the message of a truly worthy cause). Go on, sign up now at

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    Giang says:

    She looks just the other kids. No surprise there. I am so glad she and you are doing well. I thgouht of you all day yesterday and today. Can’t wait to snuggle her. Can’t you make play grp in the morning?! LOL. Rest up and congratulations on the newest blessing.[]

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