10,000 Steps For Mommy Niri!

PARENTING | | December 1, 2008 at 8:07 pm
When the organizer of one of my Meetup groups sent out an email asking for a few more entrants to the 10,000 steps Challenge I ensured that I had waited until a sufficient amount of time had lapsed before I responded. I wanted to be interested but I was hoping she would say “Sorry all spots taken.” Alas, she did not and I committed to joining the crew to ensure we made at least 10,000 steps a day. Day 1 has come and is almost done and I did miserably. Maybe it is from the fact that there is so much of me that the poor dainty pedometer can’t even tell when I have made a step or maybe it is just I am the clumsiest clot on earth (you can’t even imagine what I was like pregnant so don’t get me started) and drop the tiny pedometer each time I bend down (again I think those rolls of fat has something to do with it). Misguided hubby, seeing my distress, suggested that I strap it to the girls since they can make those numbers crank up, mmm now you can see why I never play any game with the cheater-mister. Well tomorrow is another day and I look forward to a fresh start. Let’s go!
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    Stroller says:

    Ha ha ha, You are so not alone.. I was just under 7,000 and I DID A CLASS to get over 1,000 of those :)
    I can’t believe how hard this is. One of the moms who lives in a 3 story home gets almost 15,000 steps a day. I think living in a ranch is a disadvantage (at least that is my excuse)!! ;P

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    bloggingmom67 says:

    I have about four pedometers. I bought — or won — each of them, vowing to get my 10,000 steps. Never really did.

    I wish there was a pedometer that counted how many times I said: “Dont’ forget to turn of the lights” or “Shut the door” to my kids. I’d definitely make 10,000 easy with that.

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