USA President And World Leader!

MY VIEWS | | November 18, 2008 at 5:52 am

Now that Obama has won the elections (yay!) it seems that we have brought a global appeal to the the Whitehouse. Not only does his colored skin bring hope to people of color, or his father’s immigrant status bring dreams to immigrants, his fresh albeit obvious views (so obvious that you wonder why it was never noted before) on important issues is in desperate need. It has not even been a month of his victory and I am hearing things like closing Guantanamo Bay prison and allowing people to declare personal bankruptcy to protect their primary home discussed. Even the challenge to Pakistan about not holding a facade of being an ally of peace yet harboring and training terrorists. I have held my head in shame when people spoke of the bullying and arrogance of Bush. I am so proud to be represented by someone so immensely intelligent, charismatic, humble and yes handsome too (I certainly can’t deny that he is definitely a sight for sore eyes). The USA may hopefully begin to understand the rest of the world, and that can bring back the respect and admiration for America. Amen!


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