Oh Scooby Doo! How Could You?

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I had high hopes that this year Halloween was going to be more fun the last one since Miss J was 3 years old and chose her own costume (Dora The Explorer). We got to a local party held by the town excited as there were going to be a few characters there, including Dora The Explorer. I was really hoping that the character would be small as I was worried how intimidating it may look to a child. Anyway she loved Dora (albeit very shy) who they smartly chose as a smaller character. Miss B, my 1.5 year old dressed in a turtle costume, – a hand me down from her sister (we are going to milk that option every year until Miss B complains) seemed comfortable as we introduced her to the Blues Clues character. I was shocked to hear shrilling and hysterically screaming by Miss J. A stern look towards the hubby (he was with her so obviously he was the culprit). He sheepishly admitted to prodding Miss J to meet the larger-than-life character of Scooby Doo, even though I expected him to know better. I must admit though, even though I anticipated some fear for most of the Halloween paraphernalia (imagine skulls, graves and blood), I never imagined Scooby Doo to make my baby go boo-hoo!

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