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Uncategorized | | October 11, 2008 at 7:07 pm

When Blogher announced they would be holding one of the legs of their Reach 2008 Conference tour, there was nothing going to keep me away from it. A conference on women bloggers is enough to get me really excited. There is something really remarkable about a women conference, it is so energized and still so friendly. Granted I have only been to technology conferences but I have never seen a place where everyone was so keen to really network with everyone. Trust me to forget my business card at home on this day, so when it came to the 2 minute speedy introductions (similar to speed dating), I was left taking cards and giving none. This conference covered everything from novice bloggers to very experienced bloggers. There were tips and tricks all around to be learned. When not munching on the lovely food, or collecting the greatest swag (from the likes of LG, Leapfrog, Hooked on Phonics etc), I was meeting the most interesting women (and some men too). I certainly have a lot to learn about blogging. But I will get there, one post at a time.

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