You’re Beautiful!

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I finally made another visit to the the spa (yes the very same one I mentioned in my post Spa With Power Tools) in my final week before I resumed office work (although I have been a SAHM the past 3 years I have always worked, read my post on What Not To Say To SAHM). Being in need of some serious grooming (wonder how much? Read my post on Diet Starts Monday to see how low maintenance I had become) I was surprised by a comment made by the beauty technician (I know, that word “technician” frazzles me too. Makes me sound like an appliance that she works on). Would you believe she said “beautiful”? I was so thrown. I wondered if she was hoping for a hefty tip or was trying to show appreciation for my help earlier in trying to figure out their telephone system. I then realized how jaded I had become and how low my opinion of looks had become. I constantly tell both my girls that they are smart and beautiful, as I recalled how wonderful it made me feel being told that when I was little. I always want them to feel confident and yet I am suspicious when someone pays me a compliment. I then decided I would question the motive later, for now I was going to bask in the delight of being beautiful!

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    I love the efforts you have put in this, thanks for all the great blog posts.

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