Recalls Again Fisher Price?

Uncategorized | | September 27, 2008 at 4:53 am
When Fisher Price announced their Product Recall a few months ago, I took it in stride. I could not understand why anyone mentions “voluntary product recalls”, it is either safe or it is not. Anyway after checking the product list diligently I found one of the toys listed but upon checking the date manufactured it listed my product as safe. I cautiously started to allow my kids to play with the toy. Now I find the new list depicting this toy again. But this time stating that this product is in the lead unsafe range. Ughhhh, that means I should never trust when told that my product is safe. I could not get through to the customer service due to the high call volume (I wonder why?). I did, a few days later, get a link to a document to assist though via email. They offer for you to send back the object (postage-paid) and will send you a voucher for the sale price of the object, that they have predetermined, but only to be used for their own products. Mommies have their hands and heads full and can’t keep up with these lists. Since it is going to be really difficult for me to trust their brand again, I will send it in and maybe use the vouchers on books or cd/dvds. I have not heard of lead in these, have you?

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