Mommy Niri Diet: Week 3

Uncategorized | | September 13, 2008 at 7:36 pm

The blog post Diet Starts Monday can give you a background on my dieting saga. This is week 3 of my journey. After a slow start in Week 1 and a disastrous Week 2, I was hoping for a better Week 3. Realistically I know I can do drastically better but I am trying to do this by a level I can keep up with. As always comments in form of support or advice or anything are welcome.

What did I learn this week?

  • I need to drink water! Week 3 and I still haven’t learned.
  • I need to take a closer look at skipping to skim milk. It is a pity that chai tastes awful with skim milk though.
  • Having several bbqs and birthdays in a weekend do not help a diet.
  • I need to eat more of the fruits I serve to my children.

How did I do?
  • I lost a pound. Not great but, after my performance last week, I will take it. I start a new job next week so stay blogged to see the impact of it.
Stay tuned until next week as I battle the bulge.

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