Mommy Niri Diet: Week 2

Uncategorized | | September 6, 2008 at 6:58 pm

The blog post Diet Starts Monday can give you a background on my dieting saga. Last week on Week 1 I made some progress but was not too happy with it. I was hoping to do better on Week 2. As always comments in form of support or advice or anything are welcome.

What did I learn this week?

  • That Man I should never have stopped nursing, ever.
  • I need to drink water!
  • A 3-day weekend is no friend of dieting.
  • Restaurant visits can wreak havoc with diets.
  • Pushing off the kids leftovers to the spouse ,so that I don’t eat it and so that I can feel less guilty on the wastage, was not a good idea. He caught on quick and was not very impressed.

How did I do?
  • Lost a little less than half a lb. The amount was so negligible I have no idea why it was even bothered to be recorded. To say it was a very disappointing result would be an understatement. I expected better after forgoing many yummy delights. Did I think I really worked hard enough? No, so I guess the journey continues, frustration and all. It is amazing that having to blog about this will end up keeping me true to my goal.
Stay tuned until next week as I battle the bulge.



  1. 1
    Gilda says:

    I started the South Beach diet last week. I lost 6 lbs in the first week. It has phases. The first phase foods are here:

    It is tough going without carbs and sugar, but it is only for 14 days and the large weight loss keeps you motivated.

  2. 2
    Gilda says:

    I started the South Beach diet last week. It has phases. Phase 1 being the strictest:

    I lost 6 lbs so far.

  3. 3
    Mommy Niri says:

    It would be much easier if there was a weekend without an event laden with yummy food. It would be great to lose faster but I doubt I could stick to that. Keep us updated on your loss. Great work!

  4. 4
    Kaci says:

    I’ve been doing weight watchers for several months now and wish you luck in your efforts. I struggle with wasting food too, but I’ve been telling myself it’s just as wasteful to eat it when I’m not hungry as to throw it away. I have this whole speech I recite to myself about it. Maybe something like that would work for you too?

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