Dearly Departed

Uncategorized | | September 27, 2008 at 4:58 pm

It is a time of year where we honor our ancestors by way of prayer and offerings. Called, Pithar Paksh, it is not something many people observe. In fact I never see it listed in the list of special dates in the Hindu Calendars in India, but it is common in the Hindu Calendars in South Africa. I continue to observe it as it is a time to remember both my folks who have passed on. It is said that the souls come to visit us and pass on their blessings. Sounds Halloweenish spooky to you? To me it is comforting and a time knowing my mom an dad are around to guide me. During the period every morning a paddy-rice like grain is offered outside with water. By the end of the period (2-3 weeks) most of this grain grows. This is said to provide enough food for them for their journey back to heaven (or wherever they go before being reincarnated). At the end of this period we cook several of the favorite foods and offer a small part of it in a havan (a tiny fire) and say a peace prayer. Then we say farewell to our ancestors until the next year.

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