Bingo Dotter Art Day

Uncategorized | | September 5, 2008 at 6:37 pm

The last Friday before Jia heads to preschool, we forgo the preparation for school and indulge in a playgroup doing Bingo Dotter Art. Certainly a much more fun day than traversing the malls to find all school apparel. Anyway I would rather not focus on this “big” day more than I have to. Stay blogged for an update to the First Day. Back to Bingo Dotter Art Day, I never knew what this was until we got to splatter all over with it. These dotters are pen like design that ooze out smaller amounts of paint. Similar to paintbrushes with a lot less mess (read “less mess” not “no mess”), these are easier for even the younger children to see the effect without having much dexterity. I can always trust my girls to ensure that they get a fair share of paint on themselves too.


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