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The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of changes. I must have the shortest employment record, after a week and one day at work, I resigned! It has taken two nannies (one the sweetest ever and one an epitome of evil), one preschool and one home-based daycare for things to take a toll. After wasting a month looking for and training the nanny she surprisingly resigned with no notice after my first week at work. After manipulating events with teachers at my daughter’s preschool (which led to me pulling her out of school) using my girls as pawns she left me in an ugly dilemma. I did manage to find a good home daycare at short notice, but the question of getting Jia to her a new preschool was looming.

Somehow while driving to visit them during lunch on their first day at the home daycare, it just felt ridiculous to spend more energy pushing kids from place to place. I could no longer go on putting my children through so much of instability. I could see the strain and pain in their eyes. I decided that when I got back to work I would call it quits. The decision was not an easy one but I knew it was the right one. Somehow just making the decision relief began to flood over me. After relaying my decision to a very sensitive and wonderful manager, I was yearning to get my babies home and in my arms. I was sad to leave a company and my newly found work family, but I had two reasons that said now was not the time for me. Those two beautiful reasons are Jia and Bela, and boy are they worth it!

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