A Bouncy Sunday Afternoon

Uncategorized | | September 7, 2008 at 7:47 pm

What an end to a very wet weekend that saw a wasted Saturday. Luckily we had beautiful weather for Ani’s 4th birthday party this Sunday. His folks planned the perfect birthday which included a bouncy house for the kids, scrumptious food prepared by mommy Ritu (she is an excellent cook and her several catering clients will attest to that, heck my need for a Mommy Diet can attest to it too), and the warmest atmosphere by gracious host parents. I am all for the idea of spending (a small reasonable amount of) money on entertainment for the kids since if kids are busy having fun, it means the parents can relax too. It certainly helped divert attention away from the pending start of Jia’s 1st day at Pre School the next morning.

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