2 BBQs And A Farewell!

Uncategorized | | September 13, 2008 at 7:30 pm

It would have been 3 BBQs if I did not misjudge the weather and assume the 3rd was canceled. Oh well, it gave me time to grocery shop. What a busy Saturday it was with first attending Joey’s 5th birthday bbq party, and then heading in to Framingham for Soma’s 40th birthday party and Shamiem’s farewell party. The Padayachees, if you remember are one of our favorite South African friends, and we find any excuse to visit them.

We had a wonderful time at both. Joey’s party gave us a good excuse to catch up with all our neighborhood friends. With everyone’s lives being so hectic we needed the excuse. Thankfully the weather was great too. It was a treat to attend Soma’s birthday, not only because he is one of the friendliest guy I know but also we barely get to attend adult birthday parties. Not sure but I think we have attended over 12 children birthday parties so far this year (and the year is not even done). We had two interesting episodes at this birthday. One was a whole banana debacle (read all about it in my post “You Put What In My Pocket?“) and the other was Jia waiting for the cake to be cut.

Since we missed eating cake at Joey’s birthday, Jia was very keen on getting cake at the next birthday. The moment the cake was brought out she placed herself in front of it waiting. If anyone knows my girl they would know how she can never sit still, but sit still she did as she waited, and waited. People all around were busy complimenting how well she sat while waiting. While the several speeches may have taken a bit of time, to her it must have seemed like an eternity. But she waited, and I was very proud of her. She certainly earned her slice, and then some…

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