What A Ride!

Uncategorized | | August 8, 2008 at 8:08 pm

This summer has been a trip with Jia learning to ride her bike and a scooter too. It is amazing how fast they learn (even when they seem to be constantly ignoring you). Of course having a Dora scooter has an enticement on its own. It seems though that with a scooter it is time to invest in more safety gear. I wonder if it is ever enough protection to stop a mommy from worrying?

No way is Bela settling for those baby push toys while Jia gets to ride all the “big kid” toys. So what if her legs don’t reach all the way to the pedals confidently.
Bela is at that “me do it” phase and it is amazing to see her do things for herself. She is always ready, shoes-in-hand, to go out for a walk. She also loves racing and when we say “Ready, Steady“, she screams out “Go” and runs.

Bela hates having the helmet on her head but maybe keeping it a non-debatable issue will nip that argument in the bud. After all safety is a non-negotiable issue!



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