Raspberry Picking At Smolak Farms

NEWS | | August 22, 2008 at 4:00 pm

The days seem to be getting shorter already and there is certainly a bite in the air in the mornings. A clear sign that summer is getting ready to bid us farewell. We figured this was as good excuse as any to make a weekday trip to Smolak Farms. With the intention of peach picking we headed out to North Andover where the farm was located. When we got there we decided to pick raspberries instead. Being closer to the ground, it would make easier hunting for the girls. Unlike our Strawberry Picking, where ripe strawberries were difficult to find, raspberries were just ripe for the picking. My girls never disappoint in stuffing their mouths more than the bucket. There is just something so relaxing about walking on the farm (maybe it was just the fact that it is the only place I never have to run after my kids as they are too busy finding the juiciest, yummiest fruit). Summer days were created for outdoor joys like these!

Mommy Niri Tip: Carry little buckets/pails as they are easier for kids to carry around.

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    Josephine says:

    I absolutely love your hoetsny and openness. God bless you and all that you do. Thank you for showing us encouragement. I hope to be your length this time next year. You encouraged me to relaxer and dust/trim yesterday and I am SOOO glad I did. My ends look so much better and my hair feels great. Off to henna/indigo…later.

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