Preschool Preparation Panic

EDUCATION, PARENTING | | August 18, 2008 at 8:13 am

The “back-to-school” sales prominently displayed all over sends jitters down my spine. No, not because it hails the end of summer (well that too) but it reminds me that my baby Miss J is going to start preschool in the fall. Having never been to daycare I worry immensely how would she cope without me, and even worse how would I cope without her. I remember asking her teacher at the Preschool if there was some sort of transition and she was amused since she clearly recalled that on the “dry runs” there were meltdowns, but only when it was time for Miss J to go home.

We had just stopped mourning the loss of her nap, in the new found joy of her long stretches of night sleep creeping into the late mornings, but now thanks to school’s early classes we will have to bid farewell to that luxury. I have tried to focus on the practical things for school so as to provide an exciting diversion. I have ensured that she has clothes that facilitate dressing for the bathroom and I found the sweetest preschool backpack at Pottery Barn Kids. Even though I know Jia would have loved having a Dora backpack, I really wanted something simple but settled on a tiny Dora figurine as a zipper pull as a consolation.

Stay tuned (or blogged) to find out who sheds the most crocodile tears.

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