Mommy Niri Going Green?

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No, not green with envy (well maybe a little at how easy everyone else makes going green look), but with trying-to-make-the world-a-better-place “green”. Intention has always been there, deeds however have been a bit lagging behind. I even meant to do cloth diapers for my kids but could not find a diaper service easily and I knew I would not be able to handle the laundry (years later I used underwear instead of pull-ups during potty training my kids and know I could have done it if I tried harder).

I remember a few years ago at work a colleague saw me hand washing my mug one morning and was disgusted I had left it overnight with tea in it, and more so with me washing it. He was convinced that hand washing it would not get it sanitized adequately and we needed to run it through the dishwasher so that the heated dryer cycle would kill all my germs (I would have loved to run him through the dishwasher at that moment). Then he reached out for a paper cup and told me that was why he always used a paper cup each morning, so that it was always clean. Need I say more here?

Anyway our half-hearted recycle efforts bore no fruit. My aim was to decrease our actual trash and increase the stuff in our recycle bins. It is amazing how much recyclable stuff we have and just throw it away. When we did manage to get heaps in our recycle bins we were careless in our labeling on the bins (we were using regular trash cans since our recycle box was too small) and that resulted in regular trash guys unloading our recycles.

We have been using environment friendly paper towels, bathroom tissue, dishwasher detergent, regular dish washing detergent and laundry detergent too. Thanks to and their wonderful grocery section we actually managed to afford going green. The biggest deterrent to going green for most is the actual cost of the products (yes, I know the cost of the earth is important but man money is money).

I have been pondering how to make small, yet dedicated efforts. When I saw a friend’s blog on her amazing efforts my inspiration was renewed. This week our paper towels ran out (well there were tons in the basement but my laziness came in handy) and I decided to see how long I could go without reaching for one. Being out of sight helped (this attitude may help my diet). I did it! I made it though a week paper towel less! Who knows what next week has in store for me but this week I saved some trees!

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