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NEWS | | August 13, 2008 at 10:04 am

It was great to finally make it to Imajine That (an inside playground, meets a pretend world and so much more). Somehow we always had other plans when invitations from other mommy groups arrived, and I have been looking for an excuse to check out this place. In fact I almost booked this place for Jia’s 3rd Birthday Party. So when one of the Meetup groups I belong to scheduled an event here I jumped at the opportunity. Anyway I had lousy attendance at any of this groups events, hmm ok not lousy but zero attendance so it was time to meet the group. I know, I know, bad mommy… but the past few months have been so crazy, and let’s not digress, shall we?

My first impression of the place was a poor one, unfortunately due to the attitude of the front desk staff. This pathetic attitude came across on the phone several times and it was the reason I never chose it for Jia’s party (I chose Kids Playground instead). I figured anyone who does not respect and appreciate my money (and boy is it a lot of money), did not deserve getting it.

This place had it all for a kid to have a blast (and most certainly a meltdown when it when it was time to leave). Thankfully the place was pretty clean, something pretty few indoor playgrounds can lay claim too. There was a climbing structure that was the perfect size for pre-schoolers complete with slides and tunnels. There were several pretend areas including a supermarket, kitchen, dress up, boat and garden. Of course a play area would not be complete without a bouncy castle. The art section was just perfect with on-going activities with a pretty much do-what-you-like ambiance (my favorite kind). This is certainly a place worth checking out.

I was totally surprised though by the wonderful attitude of the staff on the floor itself. They were constantly helping and being friendly. I remember one going into the maze to sweetly get my Jia out (yeah, I have a runaway girl). Jia does sometimes surprise me on occasion though. Knowing full well that I could not get into the bouncy castle (with Bela in tow) to get her out if she refused, I asked her to do a 30 count in it and leave. I forgot all about it and was shocked to see her speedy exit, when I asked her she said she was all done counting. You gotta love a speedy counter!

Mommy Niri Tip: Keep socks for kids as some areas are no-shoes zones. Also Thursday nights and all day Monday there is a very discounted rate.

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