Discovery Museum

NEWS | | August 2, 2008 at 5:17 pm
The Discovery Museum in Acton is one that we had been to before but now with 2 official toddlers it seemed like it was worth a revisit. They have 2 museums: a Children’s Museum and a Science Museum next door. We decided to skip the Science Museum since it was a little too much for our young audience and also there is just so much stimulation kids can take in a day. There was plenty to do and see from the trains, balls down chutes, water works, several themed playrooms, slides with steps that light up, pretend kitchen and diner, and also a ship room. The old Victorian building that houses the Children’s Museum is small and on a busier day would get pretty crowded even with a few kids in each room.

Mommy Niri Tip: Skip bringing a stroller and remember to book a library pass to get discounted tickets.


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